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Mint Neon Blitz

Mint Neon Blitz

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Introducing the "Neon Blitz" Grinder Collection – Brighten up your grinding routine with our vibrant and efficient herb grinders, specially curated for Bongs Canada. The Neon Blitz series combines striking aesthetics with top-notch functionality to elevate your herbal experience.

Choose from three dazzling variations:

  1. Neon Blitz Pink: Immerse yourself in the lively world of Neon Pink. This grinder not only catches the eye with its radiant color but also boasts a 4-part zinc construction, ensuring durability and precision grinding. Experience the perfect blend of style and substance.

  2. Neon Blitz Blue: Dive into the depths of Neon Blitz Blue for a grinding experience that's as cool as it is efficient. The vibrant blue shade adds a touch of sophistication to your setup, while the 4-part zinc design guarantees a consistent and smooth grind every time.

  3. Neon Blitz Yellow: Infuse your herb preparation with the vibrancy of Neon Blitz Yellow. This grinder combines a cheerful color palette with robust 4-part zinc construction, ensuring longevity and optimal grinding performance. Elevate your herb game with a pop of color.

Key Features:

  • 4-part zinc construction for durability and precision grinding.
  • Compact size with a 2.5" diameter and 1.75" height, perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Eye-catching Neon Blitz colors (Pink, Blue, Yellow) to suit your vibrant style.
  • Effortless grinding experience for a consistent and fine herb texture.

Upgrade your herb preparation routine with the Neon Blitz grinder collection, exclusively available at Bongs Canada. Embrace the vivid fusion of style and functionality – because your herb deserves a grinder as lively as your experience.

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