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Ever since Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, bongs have become a very beneficial tool for cannabis users. However, bongs have been around for centuries. Historians believe the word bong comes from the Thai word “buang,” a bamboo tube used for smoking marijuana.

Today, bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They’ve developed since their bamboo tree days and now come under various slang names. These names include binger, bubbler, and billy. 

Unfortunately, although bongs have become popular, finding shops with a vast selection can be challenging. Many shops also lack quality, as well as limited vaporizersgrinders, and dab rigs. At Bongs Canada, we understand how frustrating it can be when you struggle to find a bong. 

So, that’s why we decided to create an online store with an enormous product selection, world-class products, and efficient customer service. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive selection of high-quality bongs, you’ve found the right place. 

Here are some of the reasons why Bongs Canada is the ultimate place to find your cannabis accessories. 


Have you ever had that annoying moment when you enter a shop, and the product selection underwhelms you? We’ve all been there, but it’s something we want to avoid. You don’t want to waste time and energy; you want to find what you’re looking for ASAP!

Thankfully, Bongs Canada has a greater variety of products than any cannabis shop. So you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the ultimate high with the most excellent products on the planet!

We also offer customers the following selection of products:

  • Bowls
  • Grinders
  • Bubblers
  • Vapes
  • Accessories
  • Dab Rigs
  • Hand Pipes 

Due to popular demand, we also keep various types of these products in stock. We understand how frustrating it is when your ideal products are out of stock, and that’s why we stock a vast selection. 

We also offer our customers ash catchers, coil bongs, and percolator bongs. Better still, we provide replacement bowls and multi-chamber grinders. Besides, if you’re feeling creative and would like to put your stamp on accessories, you can buy custom-designed replacement bowls and multi-chamber grinders. 

Furthermore, at Bongs Canada, you can find custom glass hand pipes, colour-changing bongs, and classic hookahs! It doesn’t matter what accessory you need – Bongs Canada will have something to match your requirements, no matter how unique your preferences are!


Bongs Canada has been involved with the cannabis industry for ten years and has since grown into Canada’s largest bong website. Therefore, we’ve learned about the industry and how to provide our customers with the highest-quality bong selection in Canada. 

Not only do we have the largest selection of products, but we also have some of the best offers. You’ll enjoy low shipping costs and low prices on goods, and it’ll almost feel like a steal on our clearance bongs and cheap bongs!

If you’re looking for excellent prices on the highest quality cannabis products – Bongs Canada is the place for you. 

Our high-quality bong selection spans over the following ranges:

  • Cool Bongs
  • Coil Bongs 
  • Beaker Bongs 
  • Custom Bongs 
  • Straight Bongs 
  • Tall Bongs 
  • Colour Changing Bongs 

If you’re looking for a great custom-made bong, you’ll like our Ballistic BongNot only do these bongs offer the best smoking experience, but they also come in various colours, including blue, green, and black. You’ll love the high-quality class at a very affordable price!

However, what if you’re looking for a cool bong that’s going to attract attention and look fantastic in your living room? In that case, you’ll love The Matrix Bong. This excellent beaker bong changes colour when you smoke from it! Moreover, the bong has high-quality glass offering the ultimate smoking experience. 

Coil Bongs are popular options with cannabis smokers, and the Xnite bong offers the perfect smoking experience. You can choose pink, yellow, and green colours. Plus, they come with custom-made world-class glass that will offer a long-term option with fantastic style!

What if you like a more traditional style of bong? You’ll be delighted to hear we have an excellent Hookah range. A very popular option is the Bongs Canada Original because it comes in green, blue, orange, and white. We have designed the Hookah with the finest high-quality materials possible, offering a classic design that will fit into any environment!

But what if big bongs are your type of thing? That’s great because we have an excellent range of bigger bongs. A superb option is the Basic Bitch – Tall Bong because it stands at 7mm tall, comes in various colours, and includes high-quality glass. 

Furthermore, those who adore different styles, colours, and sizes will love the Cool Bong range. The Solid Boss Bong comes in orange, pink, and purple. It will look tremendous on your living room table and offers an excellent showpiece for your friends!


Customer service is at the forefront of Bongs Canada. We started as a small glass and custom bong distributor in 2010. Ever since then, we’ve grown to the biggest online supplier of bongs in Canada. We achieved that by focusing on excellent customer service. 

We have never been satisfied offering customers slow delivery, damaged goods, or low-quality products. Those things frustrated us and inspired us to work with numerous incredible Canadian artists to create the best customer service and product range. 

We have been lucky enough to grow considerably since the early days, but this is the start of our mission. We want to continue to give our customers the most fantastic products and customer service in the industry. Our values are not going to change!


There’s nothing worse than the disappointment of not finding high-quality cannabis products and ranges at your local store. However, you don’t need to worry because Bangs Canada has the range to satisfy you. 

It doesn’t matter what your taste, style, or smoking preference is – we would love to hear from you and show you our excellent product range. 

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