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H168 - Recycler Base (5mm)

H168 - Recycler Base (5mm)

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  • Height:  8 Inches / 200mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Female
  • Thickness:  5mm
  • Base Diameter:  5.5 Inches / 140mm

This Twisted Recycler Base is our first Build-a-Bong® recycler.  The base recycles water up through the tube on the side, and it runs back down to the base through the center, while smoke percolates up into the top tube. 


(1) H168 - Recycler Base

(1) YX12P - 19mm Cone Bowl

(1) YX8 - 45mm K-Clip


  • Twisted Recycler
  • Color Accents
  • Connects with any Hoss Glass® tops and middles

 Caution do NOT pick up Build-a-Bong®waterpipes by the neck. Always support the Base 

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