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18” H120 - 3 Kink Top (5mm)

18” H120 - 3 Kink Top (5mm)

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  • Thickness:  5mm
  • Height:  18 Inches / 450mm
  • Joint Size:  45mm Male
  • Tube Diameter:  50mm

Take your bong building game to the next level with the H120 - 3 Kink Top (18") from Hoss Glass! This cool top tube will give your bong an extra oomph, without sacrificing any of the smoothness. It's so kinky, you'll have to double take. Add some character to your Build-a-Bong® setup.  


  • Connects with any Hoss Glass® middle or base

Caution do NOT pick up Build-a-Bong® waterpipes by the neck. Always support the Base

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