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18" Beasts of East Tree Percolator Beaker

18" Beasts of East Tree Percolator Beaker

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Elemental Color

Legends tell stories of 5 magnificent beasts that control the world's elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, and Water.

The serpent-like beast, the Azure Dragon, sails through the Air with an with infinite wisdom overseeing world's generosity and selfishness.

The White Tiger roams the Earth with absolute virtue creating peace while striking fear in those that dare rage war.

The Vermilion Bird ignites the hearts of humankind with a Fiery passion that kindles love bringing prosperity and harmony.

The Gui is the troubled Soul that is separated once a human passes with sin. If you want to avoid roaming the world full or misery and pain, it is best to be free of transgressions.

The Golden Carp forms life providing an abundance of nourishment for humankind. It is said that the Water where the Golden Carp inhabits brings wealth for those who drink from it.

Every WENEED pipes are hand blown with premium quality borosilicate glass. Our products are easy to clean, and is safe to smoke from than any other materials.

A WENEED exclusive water pipe with a tree percolator and glorious WENEED decals all over.

Height: 18"

Thickness: 7mm

Joint: 18mm Female

Included: Female Downstem and Unique Death Grip Bowl Piece

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