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Victoria is British Columbia’s capital city that’s steeped with excellent culture and heritage. The city sits on the tip of Vancouver Island, offering genuinely incredible things to do. Victoria has a young population, and you’d expect the city have an excellent head shop with bongs for sale?


Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It was hard to find a vast array of bongs for sale or a great head shop in Victoria. 

That’s what motivated us to create Bongs Canada. 

We saw that Victoria had a poor choice of bongs for sales, and most head shops only sold meagre amounts of bongs, dab rigs, and vaporizers. We had the simple goal of filling this gap and creating the best head shop with:

  • Expertise knowledge 
  • The best array of bongs for sale in Victoria 
  • The most stylish bongs on the market 
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • The finest cannabis quality!
  • A discreet shipping service 

We understand the frustration of finding high-quality bongs for sale. Here are some of the best options from our bong shop




Bongs can come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, it can be challenging to find the best option in a bong shop! One of our most popular options is the Basic Bitch – Tall Bong. Smokers who want a large bong with high-quality glass and a sleek design will adore this bong. 

The bong is 7mm tall and comes in various color options. We know our customers are particular about the color of their bongs, and that’s why our bongs come in diverse color options. 

If you’re looking for incredible style and a design that will stand out in any surroundings, you’ll love the Frosted Bong and its futuristic design. You can buy the bong in blue, green, and grey. These bongs are also custom-made to give you the most incredible natural design! 

Furthermore, the Elysium X is genuinely a cool bong. The bong looks like something from the Matrix with its futuristic design. Plus, the bong comes in light blue, light green, and turquoise. 

Many customers love the idea of owning a Hookah. After all, these bongs were the world’s oldest and most original bongs. Hookahs have never lost their class, and they are still the ultimate smoking experience! 

Our modern hookah is an excellent option if you’re looking for a classic design. The hookah offers safety, durability, and an effortless smoking experience. It also has an incredibly robust design, so you won’t have to worry about taking it to the bar and breaking it!

How does a color-changing bong sound to you? The Matrix is the perfect option for you at Bongs Canada. You’ll smoke from a bong that changes color every time you smoke out of it! Not only are these bongs excellent for smoking, but they also offer a design that will turn heads in any environment! That’s not something you’ll find in every head shop Canada. 

Another superb design option is the Window Shopper bong, an excellent option if you’re opting for a custom cool bong. Again, you can get the most beautiful green color. Alternatively, why not check out the pink, black, and blue colors? 

Many customers love beaker bongs because it’s so effortless to smoke out of them. As a result, Bongs Canada wanted to create a tonne of beautiful beaker bongs. Our Basic Bitch – Tall bong at 5 mm is our most popular bong on the website. Experts have crafted the bong into a stylish option with the most comfortable smoking experience. 

As a result, the bong is loved and incredibly popular. So, why not check out the various color options? It comes in black, blue, green, and pink! Therefore, you can find a bong to match any room in your house. You won’t find that in every head shop!

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for even more bongs for sale at a bong shop — here is an extensive Bongs Canada list for you!

  • Solid Boss – The Solid Boss bong is the perfect option if you’re looking for unique colors at any head shop. It comes in a gorgeous yellow, pink, and purple color, with the most durable glass possible. 
  • Hoss Glass – The Hoss Glass bong comes with the coolest design and offers an elegant and simple beaker. In addition, the design of the bong enables you to inhale less when clearing the smoke!
  • Shady Lady – The Shady Lady bong is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stunning yellow design from a head shop in Canada. However, this cool custom-made bong also comes in blue, pink, and turquoise!
  • Xnite bong – The Xnite bong is another excellent option if you’re looking for a beaker bong. The bong comes in pink, black and green!

Our Bongs Canada bong shop has a vast array of other accessories, including the following:

  • Grinders
  • Bowls and catchers 
  • Vaporizers 
  • Hand Pipes
  • Dab Rigs 

Feel free to contact us at Bongs Canada if you have any questions! Our bong shop has years of expertise and you’ll get discreet shipping to your door on top. 



Now you’ve seen our extensive list of bongs for sale, let’s look at the best places in Victoria to a relaxing high. 

Beacon Hill Park 

Beacon Hill Park is the perfect place to sit down, eat food, and enjoy a beautiful high during the summer months. The park has various playgrounds, tennis courts, a petting zoo, and various ponds. Of course, it gets hot during the summer months, but there are many places to sunbathe. 

The Royal BC Museum 

Are you fascinated by history? If so, you’ll adore the Royal BC Museum. The site offers various natural history exhibits, including 7 million objects, artifacts, specimens, and archival records. Queen Elizabeth II approved the Victoria museum’s royal title in 1987. 

The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia 

There’s nothing better than enjoying some stunning architecture during a relaxing high. The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia is the perfect example of B.C’s stunning architecture, and there are various places to sit and relax outside the building. 

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 

If you’re looking to enjoy an incredible high, one of the best places is the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The gallery has incredible art exhibits from the last century, and the displays will fascinate you if you’re stoned!

Fisherman’s Wharf Park

The Fisherman’s Wharf Park is the best place to find some delicious munchies. The pier has excellent views of the skyline, mixed with tasty restaurants and food vendors. In addition, it’s the best place to enjoy local seafood in the city!

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