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Vancouver is the main city in the west of Canada, and it’s home to a young, vibrant, cosmopolitan population that loves high-quality cannabis. Although medical cannabis was legalized in 2001, cannabis became fully legalized in 2018. 

However, unfortunately, despite the legalization of cannabis and a population of cannabis lovers – it can be hard to find a shop with a large range of bongs, which is extremely frustrating. 

Instead, most shops offer their customers a small selection of vaporizersbongs, and dab rigs. The sheer lack of high-quality cannabis products can leave you underwhelmed. Maybe you’ll find some rolling papers and grinders, but perhaps not!

It was Vancouver’s lack of bong diversity that inspired us to create Bongs Canada. We wanted to build the Best Bong Shop that delivered a vast range of products to all Vancouver citizens, and one where customers will enjoy the best cannabis products, the best service, and the broadest product selection!

If you’re looking for bongs for sale in Vancouver, you’ll struggle to find a better choice than  Bongs Canada.


Everyone wants a bong that stands out in front of their friends and in the house. If that’s the case for you, then you’ll adore The Matrix Bong and its beautiful eye-catching design. Each time you take a puff of the beautiful cannabis, the bong will light up in various colours. If that’s not cool enough, you’ll love the fact the designers made the bong with high-quality, durable glass!

Nonetheless, some smokers love to smoke from tall bongs. An excellent option is the Basic Bitch – Tall Bong, standing at a total height of 7mm tall – you’ll love its many colour options, high-quality design, and robust glass. We’d also recommend the Xnite bong, one of our coil bongs for sale, which comes in blue, pink, green, and orange!

Many customers prefer a timeless hookah-style bong, a style of bong that never ages despite the years passing by! If you’d love a hookah, you should check out our vast hookah range

A very popular option is the Modern Hookah, which includes an easy-to-use design, one hose, and it looks superb in every environment. In addition, why not try the Bongs Canada Original? This bong comes in many colours and includes everything you need for a relaxing smoke with friends and family. 

Moreover, if a custom-made bong is your type of thing, you should take a look at the Ballistic BongThis bong offers the best smoking experience and comes in green, black, and blue!

If you’re looking for Cheap Bongs, Mini Bongs, Acrylic Bongs, or Clearance Bongs, we have the selection for you. 

Take a further look at our bongs for sale here: 

  • Cool Bongs 
  • Tall Bongs 
  • Colour Changing Bongs
  • Beaker Bongs 
  • Custom Bongs 
  • Straight Bongs 
  • Coil Bongs 

In addition, check out our range of cannabis products and smoking accessories:

  • Bubblers
  • Dab Rigs
  • Accessories
  • Vapes
  • Grinders
  • Hand Pipes 
  • Bowls


The Cypress Mountain Viewpoint 

If you’re looking to witness the greatest Vancouver views while enjoying the best cannabis, you should take a ride up to the Cypress Mountain Viewpoint. You’ll find exceptional city views and ample places to relax and smoke your marijuana!

New Amsterdam Cafe 

Amsterdam is heaven to many cannabis fans, and Vancouver has its own cannabis Amsterdam-style coffee shop. The New Amsterdam Cafe offers an excellent cannabis range and somewhere to relax and smoke. It’s also BYOB, which the locals know as Bring Your Own Bud!

Granville Island 

We all love to enjoy cannabis in quiet surroundings and Granville island offers the perfect place to do so! The marina’s an excellent place to chill and have a nighttime smoke, and let’s not forget to mention the excellent array of restaurants – perfect if you have the munchies!

Stanley Park 

Stanley Park is one of Vancouver’s top tourist attractions, but also one of Vancouver’s greatest places to smoke cannabis. You’ll enjoy over 400 hectares of quiet greenery, with the added benefit of smoking spots like Third Beach, Prospect Point, and Sea Wall. 

Wreck Beach

Every cannabis lover knows the benefit of smoking cannabis while relaxing in nature, and Vancouver has the perfect beach for smoking. Wreck Beach is North America’s biggest naturist beach, and home to many quiet places to smoke from your bong!



Hike around Grouse Mountain 

Grouse Mountain is an excellent mountain to escape the city and get lost in nature. Visitors enjoy the hiking, ziplining, and ice-skating options during the winter months. Moreover, the mountain has many places to light up your bong! Alternatively, you could take the gondola to the top – but the hike is highly rewarding!

Jump on the Sea to Sky Gondola 

One of Vancouver’s most famous attractions is the Sea to Sky Gondola, where you’ll ride 2,800 feet to the top of Shannon Falls. Visitors experience outstanding views of Howe Sound and all the surrounding mountains!

Visit the Vancouver Aquarium 

Stanley Park is one of the best attractions, but it’s also home to the Vancouver Aquarium. If you’d love to see local marine life, you’ll love witnessing the various sea animals and exhibitions in this world-class aquarium. Did you know you can also see penguins?

Walk over the Capilano Suspension Bridge 

The Capilano Suspension Bridge stands 230 feet high and spans an impressive 450 feet over the Capilano River. It’s the best way to experience rainforest views and the perfect place for a summer walk while enjoying some edibles.

Go Whale Watching 

British Colombia is home to some incredible nature, and it’s also home to a massive whale population. Visitors love the various whale watching tours, and you may even capture a glimpse of humpbacks, dolphins, and seals. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to learn about marine biology, whale conservation, and you can witness the sheer beauty of Vancouver’s waters!

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