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Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada, where you can find popular attractions like the Legislative Building and Wascana Park. The University of Regina also calls this city home.

It has a population of about 300,000 people in total, many of which are students attending the University. With so many people, there are plentiful opportunities to enjoy cannabis culture.

As for Bongs Canada, we are an online bong shop servicing Regina and offering pot paraphernalia like bubblers and other accessories. We have an inventory of hundreds of glassware!

We also have specialized staff that knows everything about marijuana—from basic to advanced questions. We are trained to be able to answer your inquiries.


Why Choose Bongs Canada As Your Saskatchewan Marijuana Shop?

We are very proud of a few reasons that can explain why our customers keep coming back for more!

Unbeatable Prices

Our prices are unbeatable! We work with our customers to find the best deals possible. Many of our latest arrivals go on sale so save big every day! However, we never sacrifice quality just to save a buck, and we can explain why in the next section.

High-Quality Glass From Certified Glassblowers

The sturdiness of your bong is arguably even more important than its aesthetical appeal. Bongs Canada can offer both! All of our glassware is crafted by certified professionals that guarantee the highest quality in their work. Many of our pieces are hand-blown using quartz and ceramic, and some even include intricate percs for superior diffusion.

Customizable Sizes

You can find standard sizes like 5 inches or 7 inches, but we can custom order our bongs for those who want something more or less than that. It’s an easy process since all you have to do is go on our website and select the model number of the piece you would like to customize. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Free Shipping for Orders over $100

Customers can get free shipping if their order reaches one hundred dollars or more. This is because our job is to provide you with the best experience possible. We want people walking out of here with nothing but a smile, and free shipping is just another way for us to say thank you!

Huge Inventory

We have a huge inventory of bongs, dab rigs, and accessories for you to shop from. Get the right glassware at the perfect price! We also do not discriminate against customers in Regina so that anyone can shop with us!

In this inventory of ours, we carry products such as:


Straight Bongs

As the name implies, this is a simple cylinder bong with no frills. It’s for those who want to go straight to the point and get high. The “Modded Out” is a perfect example of a straight bong.


Beaker Bongs

Perhaps the most iconic kind of bong is the beaker. This bong usually shapes into a cylinder until it hits bottom, where it widens again, or conversely doesn’t change shape. You can find straight cylinder beakers, as well as bubble ones.

The “Frosted” piece from Mint Glass sports intricate design work and vivid colours, making for a truly jaw-dropping work of art.


Custom Bongs

Our custom bong category is perfect for Regina citizens that want something out of the ordinary. These glassware pieces are sometimes referred to as “conversation pieces” because they make for great centrepieces and conversation starters.

For example, the “Diamond Baby” is a beaker bong with the shape of a diamond and an eerily beautiful colour palate. Among our other types of bongs, you’ll find:

  • Beaker Bongs 
  • Coil Bongs
  • Colour Changing Bongs 
  • Cool Bong
  • Custom Bongs 
  • Percolator Bongs 
  • Straight Bongs 
  • Tall Bongs

What About Bubblers?

Like every other province in Canada, Saskatchewan has watched the bubbler rise in popularity every year since legalization. If you don’t know yet, bubblers are small bongs that are usually easier on the lungs.

There are some cool designs of bubblers, which you can see here on our site!

They’re available in tons of unique shapes and sizes, but all offer water filtration for inhaling dry herbs. Scroll through the tabs to find your ideal bubbler!


Where To Find CBD In Regina?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it can be used for pain management and treat seizures, among other medical benefits.

Recently, our customers have been asking for CBD oil so they can try out the non-psychoactive side of cannabis. Well, everybody from Regina to Saskatoon rejoices! We got just what you need at Bongs Canada!

We now carry the Calyx Wellness CBD brand of pure hemp oil that is 100% THC-free. It’s great for those who want to relieve physical pain without entering a hazy state of mind.

The CBD extract comes in oil, spray, pills, and even pet products for your furry friends!


Glass Accessories in Saskatchewan

We offer a wide variety of accessories that go along with your standard bong. For example, there are your traditional papers and grinders, which every stoner needs. There are also various bowls and downstems that allow you to change up how your bong smokes. Other accessories include things like ash-catchers, incense holders, and even oil jars.


How To Smoke Marijuana Concentrates in Regina?

Just when you thought our inventory couldn’t get any better, we added tools to consume concentrates! Some customers prefer to take a much smaller hit from a dab rig instead of rolling up a joint. We have all the gadgets and knowledge necessary to help Regina residents stay in their comfort zone while smoking concentrates.

Dab Rigs

While they might seem intimidating to a newcomer, dab rigs are the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of marijuana extracts.

They very much look like a bong but work in a completely different way. We carry several kinds of dab rigs, but the two most common ones are glass and quartz. Dabbing involves putting the concentrates on a heated surface known as a “nail.”

The Ghastly is one of our most funky-looking dab rigs.


Another popular option for those who want to enjoy marijuana extracts from Regina is a portable vape.

Tons of weed vapes hit harder than a dab rig, but you can still enjoy your favourite flavours with them as well! Personal vaporizers were the first thing to truly make smoking concentrates popular. Even though dab hits are great, people still prefer vaping in some cases.


Recap Regina

To sum it all up, buying bongs in Regina isn’t hard with Bongs Canada. We are your one-stop-shop for dry herb accessories and equipment.

We offer competitive prices on each of our products, regardless of where you live! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone, email, or live chat on our social platforms.

We are always happy to help fellow marijuana enthusiasts find their way!

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