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Kitchener is a great city in the heart of Ontario, with so many cannabis fanatics. Many people would expect Kitchener to have an excellent bong shop with endless bongs for sale.

That wasn’t the case. 

It was very challenging to find an excellent head shop in Kitchener. There are some cannabis stores in Kitchener, but these stores didn’t have a vast selection of bongs. Most of the stores only sold small amounts of vaporizersbongs, and dab rigs. The idea of a head shop in Canada is popular, but it wasn’t popular in Kitchener. 

That’s what inspired us to build Bongs Canada. 

We had a simple goal of building the best bong shop in Kitchener with the most diverse range of bongs for sale.

Furthermore, we also wanted to give our customers the greatest customer service, the best product selection, and the most potent cannabis quality. Bongs Canada is proud to have a physical location in Kitchener and we would love to see you trying our range

Here’s our vast range of bongs for sale in Kitchener. 


One of our most popular bongs for sale is the Ballistic Bong. It gives smokers the ultimate classic smoking experience, and it comes in various colours. We would also recommend the Basic Bitch – Tall Bong, if you’re looking for an excellent tall bong. 

The bong comes in many colours and stands at an impressive 7mm tall. We understand that bongs need high-quality glass to ensure safety and durability, and the Basic Bitch – Tall Bong offers precisely that. Hookahs were the original bongs. Did you know bongs aren’t a modern phenomenon? They date back centuries, and we have an outstanding range of classic hookahs for sale. They offer a timeless smoking experience. 

Check out our range of hookahs here! Oh, and we couldn’t forget to mention our modern hookah. It’s absolutely perfect for those looking for a classic design with a timeless style that allows smokers to enjoy straightforward use, one hose for a simple smoking experience, and a robust design to provide safety and durability. 

The Matrix Bong is a tremendous option for those looking for a stylish bong. The bong comes in various colours, and it even changes colours every time you smoke! You’ll absolutely turn heads when you take it on your travels. We also recommend our selection of custom-crafted bongs, and these custom bongs for sale offer a truly beautiful style. Moreover, we have some cheaper custom-made bongs, such as Diamonds Baby and Lit Trees

Another superb straight bong option is the Modded Out bong range. You’ll love the durable glass and the fact it comes in 4 different colours. Alternatively, the Rexx straight bong is a superb option because it comes in black, green, and purple. The Window Shopper Bong comes in a stunning pink colour, which many customers love because of its vibrancy and style. The pink bong will look superb in any environment, including your living room or the local bar. 

The Elysium X Bong looks like something out of The Matrix. It’s a truly cool bong that also ensures a totally smooth smoking experience. And if stylish bongs for sale are what you’re looking for – check out the Xnite Bong. This bong comes in pink, orange, green, and blue. The big boss bong is another excellent option because it offers high-quality glass and a phenomenal smoking experience. The bong is excellent for carrying around, so you can happily take this lightweight bong to your friend’s house. 

Our list of bongs for sale doesn’t end there. You should check out our comprehensive list below. We offer Tall BongsStraight BongsColour Changing BongsBeaker BongsCoil Bongs, and Custom BongsCannabis accessories are also our specialty. Check out our Dab RigsHand PipesAccessoriesGrindersBubblers, and Vapes

If you have questions about our range of bongs for sale, contact us. Bongs Canada would love to help you. We are the perfect head shop in Kitchener, feel free to come and see us. 


Jacobs Farmers’ Market & Flea Market 

If you’re looking for an excellent place to enjoy local food, check out the St. Jacobs Market District. The market is Canada’s largest year-round farmer’s market, and it offers superb food and local arts and crafts.


THEMUSEUM is an excellent place to relax and enjoy interactive exhibits. You can find various art exhibits, special events, and the museum shows remnants of early 1900s life. It’s an excellent place to visit after smoking your favourite cannabis strain. 

Doon Heritage Village 

The Doon Heritage Village is the perfect attraction to step back into local history. You’ll see how the locals lived in the early 20th century, and it’s an excellent place to relax after smoking your favourite strain. 

Chicopee Ski Club 

If you visit Chicopee during the cold winter months, you should check out the Chicopee Ski Club. The ski club includes 11 runs, and it’s the perfect place to go tubing or snowboarding. 

The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery 

The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery is a superb spot to visit during a relaxing high. You’ll find excellent contemporary art, and the gallery includes programs for adults and special events. The art will be fascinating after smoking out of your bong!


Huron Natural Area 

The Huron Natural Area is a great place to immerse yourself after an edible of your choice. The area is close to Kitchener, but the area remains secluded and perfect for a relaxing high. 

Victoria Park 

Victoria Park is the oldest park in Kitchener, and it’s home to excellent places to sit and relax. There are also ample outdoor activities and special events during the summer. The park is a glorious spot to enjoy a nice high. 

McLennan Park

Another excellent park option is McLennan Park, which is home to basketball courts, skate parks, a splash pad, and so much more. The park has various excellent trails, and you’ll love relaxing after a tasty edible. 

Kelso Conservation Area

Just a mere 29 miles from Kitchener lies the Kelso Conservation Area. You’ll find a massive outdoor lake, downhill skiing opportunities, and lots of spots to sunbathe and enjoy a high during the summer months. 

Homer Watson Park Trails 

The Homer Watson Park trails have attracted countless artists for decades because of their tranquil nature and gorgeous scenery. It remains an excellent place to get high and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 


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