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A cultural revolution, in part driven by the marijuana industry, has been sweeping across Canada since the legalization of marijuana by the Trudeau Government in 2018. Cannabis culture in Canada is now integrated with its society in a way previously impossible under prohibition.

One of the biggest benefits of this cultural revolution is that more people are starting to explore all the different aspects of the cannabis plant, including through unique and innovative paraphernalia like bongs.

Read on to find out about Bongs Canada, an all-inclusive store to find the trendiest smoking gear in Kelowna.


The Best Bong Shop In Kelowna

Bongs Canada is an online store specializing in bongs and other glass paraphernalia. After a decade of dedicated service, we’ve earned a stellar reputation in the industry as one of Canada’s best online head shops. We want to ensure that you can find whatever smoking accessories you need in Kelowna, BC. 

That is why we offer an expansive selection of bongs and other glass paraphernalia.

Premium-Quality Glass

As with many products on the market, not all bong options are equal in terms of quality. With our years of experience in the industry, not to mention our customer feedback and testimonials, we can confidently say that Bongs Canada is the best bong shop in Kelowna!

Our glass is top-quality, making for sturdy pieces that can take a drop or two without shattering into a million pieces. 

A Wide Selection Of Bongs And Accessories

Bongs aren’t the only thing you’ll find on our online store. Everything from dab rigs to vaporizers is available, not to mention a diverse selection of glass accessories like bowls, stems, and herb grinders.


Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We have a dedicated customer service team who are readily available to offer friendly suggestions and answer any questions you may have about our products or services. The best bong shop in Kelowna is waiting for you, so give us a call today!


Marijuana Products Available in Kelowna

Let’s take a look at what you might find while browsing through our inventory. Note that prices may vary according to your country.



A bong is a smoking device that filters and cools your dried herb’s smoke or concentrates through a water reservoir.

Bongs Canada offers a wide array of bongs for sale in Kelowna, British Columbia. We offer a large variety of sizes, styles, and colours so you can find the perfect piece without breaking the bank!

Beaker bongs like the Ballistic are great because their broad base offers stability, reducing the chance of a break. Meanwhile, beaker bongs also provide a larger water reservoir to help filter your smoke.

On the other hand, straight tube bongs like the Shady Lady look great with a smoked glass stem and a blonde wooden base. Straight tubes also tend to have smaller bases compared to beakers, so they’re a better choice for enthusiasts who travel.

Try one of our custom bongs if you’re looking for something that will turn heads. The Elysium X is an excellent choice because of its three perc setup. The more you smoke from it, the better the percolation becomes!


Glass Pipes

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bong for yourself, check out our glass pipes in Kelowna! These are usually cheaper than bongs with a similar, albeit less enjoyable, experience. They’re a great way to save a little cash.

A spoon pipe is the classic glass pipe design, and we carry several varieties that will have you wondering how you ever managed without one. Options include Lil homie and Big Homie pipes perfect for on-the-go use.

They come in various colours, including blue, green, pink, purple, and more!


Glass Bubblers

Next on the list is a glass bubbler. Bubblers in Kelowna are a more portable version of bongs, so they’re perfect for people who want the same percolation in a smaller package. We have several glass bubbler options to choose from, including beaker base bubblers with ice notches for added smoke cooling.

The Illuminati is our best seller as of late because of its novelty. Also, it’s built with high-quality glass and offers the same filtration as that of a bong.


Dab Rigs

If you’re looking for a larger, more impressive piece to enjoy with friends, then a Kelowna dab rig might be just what you’ve been looking for. These pieces are typically much larger than bongs and require special attachments called nails or domes, along with a blowtorch.

The Ghastly is a great choice if you’re looking for something with character. Our talented artisans are handmade, so this rig is truly one-of-a-kind.



You might not be expecting a Kelowna head shop to carry CBD, but we do. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid that’s non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high.

CBD can provide a host of health benefits, including pain relief and better sleep. Smoking CBD flower is the most popular method, but you can also take CBD oil orally or apply it directly to your skin in its pure form. We have several CBD products to choose from, including CBD shatter and CBD flower.


Where To Enjoy Weed In Kelowna

There are many things to do while stoned in Kelowna, British Columbia. A popular option is to head out with friends and enjoy one of several local piers.

Bear Creek Pier is a great place to go if you’re looking for a more relaxed time catching some rays and enjoying the scenery. Another common activity is checking out over 40 wineries while smoking weed in Kelowna. 


Find Your Next Piece Today!

The team at Bongs Canada would like to welcome you to our store, and we hope you find everything you need to enjoy a good smoke. We offer the best prices around, and we’re confident that once you’ve had your first experience with us, there will be no turning back!

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about our products, marijuana, or anything else!

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