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Edmonton is Alberta’s capital and one of Canada’s cultural hubs. The city is home to just under 1 million people and is the 5th biggest city in Canada. As you’d expect, there are tens of thousands of cannabis fans living in Edmonton. Therefore, you’d expect Edmonton to have lots of bong shops?

Unfortunately, there isn’t, and the bong shops in Edmonton don’t have a vast selection of bongs for sale. It’s very frustrating and leaves many Edmonton citizens without high-quality bongs. Maybe you’ll find a small selection of dab rigsvaporizers, and bongs, but perhaps not! If you’re lucky, you might find some grinders and rolling papers. 

Nonetheless, that is what inspired us to create Edmonton’s greatest bong shop. At Bongs Canada, we offer customers the best cannabis products, with the broadest selection of bongs for sale, and the greatest customer service. 

If you’re looking for bongs for sale in Edmonton – you won’t find a better option than Bongs Canada. 



People want bongs that stand out from the crowd, and a bong that looks incredible in front of friends and family. In that case, you’ll love The Matrix Bong, which is a stunning design and one of our coolest bongs. Every time you take a smoke of your best quality cannabis, you’ll witness the bong light up in several colours. In addition, the bong is durable, has high-quality glass, and you can take it anywhere!

If you go back in history, the original bongs were hookahs. Various ancient cultures have enjoyed the use of hookahs for centuries, and we have a range of beautiful hookah designs. 

An extremely popular option is the Modern Hookah, which comes with one hose, an aesthetic design, and it’s very easy to use. Furthermore, another excellent option is the Bongs Canada Original. You’ll find a bong that comes with several colour options and the perfect design for a relaxing smoke. 

Many cannabis smokers also love a tall bong, and that’s why we have the Basic Bitch – Tall Bong. It comes with many colour options, a world-class design, and the bong stands at 7mm tall. Also, we recommend the Xnite bong because it comes in orange, pink and green. It’s one of our best coil bong designs. 

Would you like a custom-made bong? If so, check out our Ballistic BongYou’ll enjoy a beautiful design, multiple colour options, and a supreme smoking experience. If you’re searching for Mini Bongs, Cheap Bongs, Acrylic Bongs, and Clearance Bongs, we have the options for you. 

Here is our full list of bong for sale:

  • Beaker Bongs 
  • Custom Bongs 
  • Colour Changing Bongs 
  • Straight Bongs 
  • Coil Bongs 
  • Cool Bongs 
  • Tall Bongs 

We also have a vast range of cannabis products:

  • Bubblers
  • Dab Rigs
  • Accessories
  • Vapes
  • Grinders
  • Hand Pipes 
  • Bowls

Let’s look at some of the best places to smoke and the best things to do in Edmonton!



Elk Island National Park 

The Elk Island National Park is just 35 minutes outside of Edmonton and a great place to relax and smoke some cannabis. You’ll be far away from the cars, lights, and masses of people. However, you’ll be close to nature, hiking trails, and scenery. Moreover, the national park is home to over 250 bird species and it’s an important place for bison and elk. 

Mill Creek Ravine Park 

Another excellent spot to smoke cannabis is Mill Creek Ravine Park. The park connects to various hiking trails and flows straight into the nearby rivers. Trees surround the majority of the park, so it’s an excellent place to smoke cannabis away from the public. After you’ve enjoyed your relaxing high, you can enjoy the sound of nature and the local wildlife. 

William Hawrelak Park 

The William Hawrelak Park is a massive park in Edmonton, and it spans over 68 hectares. Furthermore, the lake contains a 5-hectare lake and lots of spaces to relax. Although you can bike, hike, and run around the park – it’s an excellent place to sit down and smoke cannabis with your friends. 

Terwillegar Park 

Terwillegar Park is an excellent place to sit and smoke cannabis. The park includes various trails, the North Saskatchewan River, and a 262-metre footbridge spanning over the lake offering amazing views. You’re unlikely to see many people in the area, so it’s a superb place to enjoy a relaxing high. 

Rundle Park 

Rundle Park is close to Edmonton’s River Valley and an excellent place to enjoy some cannabis. You can find lots of shaded areas, multi-use trails, and open grassy areas where you can relax. In addition, the park has superb views of the city from the river.



Go shopping at the West Edmonton Mall 

The West Edmonton Mall is one of Canada’s largest shopping centres and home to excellent shopping, food, and movie theatres. If you have the munchies, the endless food options will delight you. Moreover, the mall includes the World Waterpark – which is the largest attraction of its type in North America. 

Witness the Art Gallery of Alberta

When we’ve eaten a delicious edible with excellent cannabis or smoked high-quality cannabis, we know how interesting artistic things can be. That’s why you should consider visiting the Art Gallery of Alberta and its superb art collection. 

Experience history in the Royal Alberta Museum 

One of Edmonton’s top attractions is the Royal Alberta Museum. It’s the largest museum in western Canada, and home to 76,000 square meters of fascinating Canadian history. The museum is a superb place to explore if you’re enjoying the perfect high. 

Walk around the Muttart Conservatory 

The Muttart conservatory is a fantastic place to relax during the summer months. The landmark remains one of Edmonton’s greatest attractions due to its impressive architecture. 

Wander around the Downtown Core 

If you want to experience beautiful architecture, you’ll love walking around the Downtown Core area of Edmonton. The area is home to an arts district and cultural festivals. 

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