Five Reasons Why You Should Buy A High-Quality Bong

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy A High-Quality Bong

The cannabis plant is sweeping the world by storm with its health benefits and wellness properties, but for those who aren't familiar with the plant, it can be rather intimidating at first.

One of the key aspects of having a successful cannabis experience is making sure that you use high-quality cannabis products. The most popular method of ingestion is smoking or vaping concentrates due to their potency and ease of use.

But not far behind, and becoming more and more popular, is the use of well-made bongs. Bongs can be made from various materials, such as plastic or glass.

Today's blog post will highlight why you should buy a high-quality bong.

What is a Bong?

A bong is a type of water pipe that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is one of the most popular methods to smoke cannabis because it cools down the smoke and makes it easier to inhale, thus giving you a more comfortable smoking sensation.

Bongs can be made out of nearly any wood, glass, and even plastic. Today we will be focusing on the best bongs made from glass, which work quite well for smoking marijuana.

1. Bongs Provide Better Water Filters

When you smoke cannabis, the smoke is passed through water to cool it down. When the smoke passes through the water, many of the harsh toxins and carcinogens are filtered out so that when you inhale, you get nothing but pure cannabinoids.

Some of our products, like the Basic Bitch, a pink bong that also offer extra filtration by way of percolators, slits, or ice notches.

When it comes to providing smooth smoke for the user, nothing does a better job than water filtration. Glass bongs provide just about perfect filtration because they are made from incredibly high-quality and durable borosilicate glass.

This glass comprises several different ingredients, but the base ingredient is silica, which is one of the most common minerals on Earth.

2. Bongs Are Durable

When smoking joints or blunts, one constantly needs to buy more papers. Now that papes cost nearly $4 per pack, it is a good idea to save some money and buy a pretty decent bong.

One of the most significant benefits of buying a glass bong from an online headshop such as ours is that you can use them for years without any issue. Our bongs are sturdy, strong, and will not crack after a few uses.

Take a look at the Xnite, for example. The neck of this bong is made from extra thick glass, which ensures that the bong will not break even when dropped.

Some cannabis users are known to keep their bongs operating for decades! Of course, you need to maintain them properly by washing them, but considering how durable glass bongs are, to begin with, they rarely need any sort of repairs.

3. Bongs Are Stylish

Of course, bongs are made for more than just toking. They can also serve as amazing decor for your home.

Modern bongs tend to feature sleek and stylish designs, some of them even resembling modern art pieces. Some cannabis users like to place their glass creations on coffee tables or shelves as a conversation starter, while others simply like to admire them from afar.

The Wynd Swirl is one such example, with golden swirly ridges on the neck and a black and transparent base. If you look at it from up-close, you will get hypnotized by its swirling lines and gorgeous colors.

If you consider yourself an admirer of bongs or other smoking devices, you will love our collection of beautiful and artistic pieces that we constantly add to!

4. Bongs Are Less Expensive

Although some bongs are quite pricey, you can typically get a decent one for under $100.

Some of the more complex designs are only made by top glassblowers in highly respected headshops, so there might be a slightly higher price tag on them, but for less than $100, you can get an excellent bong that will provide years of smoking pleasure.

It's also a smart idea to buy your bongs online since you can quickly check out all of your options and choose the best design for your budget.

Now, you might be thinking that it is way too expensive to spend $100 on a bong that will only get used every few days or weeks, but you should consider this:

5. Bongs Are Good For Your Health

The final reason you should buy a high-quality bong is that it can improve your health in the long run! When inhaling cannabis, there are two main dangers:

The smoke that you inhale

Since smoke is so hot, you will heat your respiratory system and cause damage to the cilia inside of your lungs.

The carcinogens are found in regular joints and blunts.

While most rolling papers claim to be unbleached, there are still harmful chemicals that can seep into your lungs and cause severe damage to the delicate tissues. By removing burning paper from the equation, you can significantly reduce the risk of contracting lung cancer.

Why Buy From Us?

With over ten years of experience in the smoking industry, we know how to create a catalog of high-quality bongs and glass water pipes. We also offer free shipping on every purchase over $99, so you can buy a bong without having to worry about paying an arm and a leg!

Last but not least: we have excellent customer service and will make sure that all of your questions are answered. We have a team of knowledgeable specialists who know their bongs - and you can rely on them to tell you everything about each piece that we offer!

Final Thoughts

Bongs are art pieces that add a touch of style to your home and your life. If you're looking for a high-quality bong, then we have plenty in stock! Shop our website today and choose from our extensive collection of glass water pipes, bubblers, steamrollers, and so much more!

What are you waiting for? Step your smoking game up and buy a bong - today!

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