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What are the benefits of a bong percolator?

They don’t just look badass! Percolators are one of the most useful additions to your bong as they offer many benefits. At Bongs.ca, we have a wide variety of percolators, from basic disc percs to advanced inline and tree percolators.

Read on for more information about how using a percolator can enhance your next smoking session!

What Is a Percolator?

A percolator is a mechanism used to filter and cool the smoke that passes through it. The water travels up through tiny holes or slits on the sides of the perc, which allows for more contact between the smoke and water, resulting in smoother hits.

Picking out a bong with different percolators (disk, inline) will allow you to choose just how many small air bubbles you want in your hit.

Do All Bongs Have Percolators?

Though percolators are not a requirement to build a functional bong, they can enhance the smoking experience for any bong smoker.

Bronze, glass and acrylic bongs are all capable of having percolator attachments added to them.

Because smaller bongs tend to be more fragile, the extra stability offered by bigger perc might be worth it. Bigger is also better in terms of heat reduction: A large disc may be able to smooth out your smoke better than a small one mounted on top of your piece!

Benefits of Using Percolators in Your Bong

There are many benefits to using a percolator in your gear.

Smooth Hits

Just as the name implies, percolators allow for smoother smoking experiences than traditional bongs. With a classic direct-draw piece, you have to pull off of one hole, but with percolators, it lets you pull from many tiny holes at once!

Colder Hits

Bong hits are already very smooth (smoking through water helps), but using a percolator is like making the smoothest, most chill hit even better. Using larger perc will create less drag and more diffusion, which results in cooler smoke due to less surface area touching the inside of your pipe.

Simply put, The more diffusion, the cooler and smoother it gets!

The best way to understand diffusion is to think of a river. If you drop big enough rocks in the middle of your river, it’s going to slow down the current and the running water will divert around the rocks. Diffusion works similarly, but instead of slowing current, it diffuses smoke into tiny particles, creating smoother hits!

Are All Percolators The Same?

There are different types of percolators to consider when purchasing your piece.

Perc Size

The size of the perc is an important factor as it relates to its length. The bigger the area that you can pull from at once, the better diffusion will be, resulting in a smoother hit! 

Perc Style

Percolators come in all shapes and sizes. If you have an artistic sense, you might want to consider buying something more unique or one-of-a-kind style/shape.

This way, you will have a more original piece than one with the traditional round perc. Also, pay attention to the size of the smokehole cutouts, as this will affect airflow! 

How To Choose Percolator Type

There are a few classic types of percolators that you can choose from at Bongs.Ca. Here’s a quick rundown on each type:

Honeycomb Perc

The Honeycomb perc is the most common type of percolator, known for its large size and superior water and smoke diffusion qualities. The term “honeycomb” refers to the looks similar to the hexagonal shape that honeybees create when building hives.

Disc Perc

Disc perc is another classic style used in many different types of glass pieces over time. Generally, there are three holes cut out in a circular pattern at the bottom of your piece instead of one or more from other percolators.

The cuts are designed in a circular pattern, and the point at which they meet is where your smokehole will be located.

Tree Perc

Tree percs include multiple arms that come out from one main chamber like a tree, with holes on each side of the stem to filter water or smoke at once! It can separate the different aspects of your bong hit, so it’s a fantastic way to maximize diffusion while you inhale! 

Inline Perc

The inline perc combines two things: size and simplicity! This type of perc takes up more space than other percs but delivers excellent performance due to its diffusing capabilities.  

Discreet Percolator

This unique style is great for those who want something different or more subtle than a tree, inline, honeycomb, and shower styles. The Discreet Perc uses circular disc-shaped perc to create diffusion while offering a more discrete profile.

How to Use a Percolator: Tips and Maintenance

Just like any part of a bong, percolators require some maintenance. If you take proper care of your perc, they can last for years.

Percs are relatively easy to clean compared to other parts of a water pipe! All you really have to do is make sure that no gunky buildup is forming around the posts of your perc.

Make sure that you clean all the pieces of your perc and bong before using it again after a long period! If any gunk builds up, it may affect the quality or smell of your smoke. 

Every once in a while, use alcohol to clean out your perc. If you notice some discolouration over time, just simply use rubbing alcohol or a similar cleaner to wipe down the inside and outside of your pipe and piece for easy maintenance! 

If you have any questions about how to maintain your gear or ideas on what kind you want, let us know, we’re happy to help!


Many factors can affect how your bong will perform, so you must keep everything in mind when deciding which pieces of glassware to buy.

We hope this article has helped you understand the basics of a percolator, which you can use to give your bong an added boost! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask at [email protected].