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What are the benefits of a bong percolator?

They don’t just look badass! Percolators are one of the most useful additions to your bong as they offer many benefits. At Bongs.ca, we have a wide variety of percolators, from basic disc percs to advanced inline and tree percolators. Read on for more information about how using a percolator

Bong Cleaning: A Master Class

Weed is legal, huzzah! How and if you consume it is up to you, but if there’s one certainty in life beyond death and taxes it’s that a dirty bong is gross. And you know it’s gross because you aren’t a 1980s throwback hiding your bong in your closet so

How to Smoke Inside Without Anyone Knowing

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to smoke inside without alerting anybody. Maybe you have young kids in the house or family members who disapprove. Maybe you’re living in a place that frowns upon or even forbids marijuana (no comment on the rule-breaking). Or maybe you’re